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Smarter social and
knowledge management  for thought-leaders

Hivelighter helps you craft compelling posts and easily accessible Collections designed to captivate your audience and retain attention.


Your Expertise is your Competitive Advantage

Show it off.



Make Knowledge Work

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Boost Engagement

Hivelighter's listicle-style highlights are a proven audience favorite on Linked In and Facebook Groups.

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Stand Out

With just one click, share insightful highlights from articles instead of the entire piece. Make every word count.

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Amplify Your Expertise

Curate your top insights into Collections, highlighting your best research across various sources.

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Collective Wisdom

Invite colleagues, followers, and group members to collaborate and add to your Collections.

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Community Archive

Hivelights and Collections can be archived and serve as a quick reference for newbies to get up to speed.

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Get Heard

80% of articles go unread, be part of the 20% that gets their point across.

Highlight anything anywhereall sources distilled to Hivelightsorganize and share with Collectionscollaboration and discoverynew ways

Accelerate your knowledge leadership

Highlight anything anywhere

1. Highlight anywhere and anything

As your teams read, research, and collaborate, they highlight the best parts of anything: from online articles to ChatGPT threads, PDFs, YouTube videos, even physical books and magazines.

all sources distilled to Hivelights

2. All sources distilled to “Hivelights”

All sources get distilled and saved as a common currency – The Hivelight. They're easy to digest, easy to share, deliver key human insight in under 10 seconds, and are always one click away from the original source.

organize and share with Collections

3. Organize and share with Collections

You can organize Hivelights into topical Collections — a new way to collaborate, collect, share, post and organize research on key subjects.

collaboration and discovery

4. Group Collaboration & Discovery

Collections foster group collaboration, unlocking shared insights and amplifying collective wisdom.

new ways

5. Present Knowledge in New Ways

Present your top reads and research in bite-sized Collections, making them effortlessly shareable and engaging.

real resultsreal results

Based on learning science, with real results

Hivelighter is the only content generator that harnesses the 3 most effective approaches to accelerated learning and engagement:

Read at 12x the speed of primary sources

50% improved knowledge retention

4X increased engagement

With Hivelighter, the hours I spend reading and researching directly translate into engaging content through highlights! I can now share the best snippets, and my LinkedIn community is all for it. It's rewarding to seemy expertise
resonate and get recognized
without having to write whole articles all the time.

New tools to improve
your communication

Hivelighter allows you to organize, share and present insight in completely new ways — within your community, to your clients, and with the world.

communication toolscommunication tools
Highlight anything anywhere

Amplify your thought-leadership

Let our Robo-researchers curate fresh, insightful content for your social feeds, amplifying your expertise while maximizing your time.

Post digestible insights that actually engage your followers

Save time by sharing valuable Hivelights directly from your reads

Share fresh perspectives and address trending topics in real time

So how much does yoursecond brain
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