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A new approach to knowledge management  for business

Harnessing human insight and AI to amplify knowledge leadership, supercharge research, and drive competitive advantage.

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Knowledge Leadership is your Competitive Advantage

Let's amplify it!

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Existing tools don't meet knowledge-driven needs

Existing Tools Fall Short in Today's Knowledge-Driven Era

In a new era of hybrid intelligence, Hivelighter makes sure you won't be left behind.

Knowledge Management Crisis

Organizational silos bury 75% of vital research, while workers waste nearly a third of their day seeking information.

AI anxiety

77% of companies struggle to generate datasets that are sophisticated enough to get meaningful results from AI.

Lost Customers

50% of customers are lost to failures of knowledge leadership



Make Knowledge Work

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Your Proprietary Hive

A knowledge-base customized to the needs of an organization and its clients

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AI-Optimized Dataset

A sophisticated dataset primed for effective use of AI

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Turbocharge Your Research

AI tools that boost research 12X and evolve your organization's knowledge landscape.

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Effortless Knowledge Capture

Seamlessly collect insights during everyday research, no matter what the source.

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Leadership Amplified

Organize insight and communications to capture new clients and service existing ones

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Speed-learning Advantage

Accelerate learning and streamline communications.

Highlight anything anywhereall sources distilled to Hivelightsorganize and share with Collectionscorporate hiveAI research engine

Accelerate your knowledge leadership

Highlight anything anywhere

1. Highlight anywhere and anything

Unlock the power to highlight information from any source, whether it's text, images, or more, with Hivelighter's versatile highlighting tools.

all sources distilled to Hivelights

2. All sources distilled to “Hivelights”

All sources get distilled and saved as a common currency – The Hivelight. They're easy to digest, easy to share, deliver key human insight in under 10 seconds, and are always one click away from the original source.

organize and share with Collections

3. Organize and share with Collections

You can organize Hivelights into topical Collections — a new way to collaborate, collect, share, post and organize research on key subjects.

corporate hive

4. Corporate Hive

Your ever-evolving knowledge landscape is permanently archived in a proprietary Hive that becomes a searchable, second brain for your organization.

AI research engine

5. AI Research Engine

Your Hivelights teach our AI to see the world through your teams’ unique perspectives, creating robo-researchers that can read, research, and fill knowledge gaps... for a fraction of the cost.

Build it faster, build it better

Our platform equips knowledge-driven SMEs with advanced tools to compete with the in-house capabilities of global players. We deliver the fastest path to:

Unrivalled Knowledge Integration

Streamlining both internal and external knowledge sources

A Dataset That's AI-Ready

Our AI emulates how you and your teams read, research and learn, delivering an up-to-date dataset based on your trusted sources.

Building Knowledge Equity

Hivelighter evolves your knowledge landscape, keeping human insight at the core of competitive advantage and a vibrant learning culture.

Hivelighter dataset

1-2 months

Output-Based Dataset

6-12 months

Benefits and savings

visual student


Micro-learning improves retention by

250% faster knowledge discovery


saved on salary currently wasted on searching for information.

16 days

is what every employee saves the company by using Hivelighter just 5 times a day, by the end of the year.

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downloads on

5-10 min

is all it takes for CEOs and clients to speed-learn hours of research – without anyone having to write a report.

visual bin

Duplicated knowledge tasks are eliminated.

To take customers away from competitors, strong
knowledge leadership
is key.
Hivelighter turned a "wish we had time for” into a bread-and-butter
with the results to show.

New tools to improve
your communication

Hivelighter allows you to organize, share and present insight in completely new ways — within your organization, to your clients, and with the world.

communication toolscommunication tools
Highlight anything anywhere

Amplify your leadership

Our AI tools are designed to 10X your research capabilities.

Robo-researchers build your knowledge equity 24/7, proactively evolve your knowledge landscape. All while your business saves time and money.

recommend key knowledge to support existing customers

deliver the research you need to gain new customers

identify knowledge gaps and emerging risks

Increase sales and retention

Knowledge leadership = better customer retention and competitive advantage.

50% of clients are lost to competitors due to failures in knowledge leadership.

Create more effective communication strategies, faster.

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Seamlessly gather and organize your favorite quotes from any source.


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Tailor your private Hive to fit the unique needs of your organization and customers.

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Everything in Professional, plus

Public Hive access

Unlimited Hivelights

20 Collections

1 private Collection

Read Like Me AI: Perspective sharing


For staff and students of educational institutions.

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