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Make knowledge work for every 
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Harness the power of your daily reading and research by transforming it into concise communications, speed-learning, and knowledge discovery tools.

Trusted by excellence:

Your Knowledge Adventure Starts Here

Optimize and customize your knowledge resources to meet your goals.



Leverage your workforce’s organic research to inspire teams and customers.

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Discover students, teachers & departments building dynamic subject-based archives.

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Thought leadership

See how experts and influencers use Hivelighter to engage their audience.

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Speed-learn anything

Think “Pinterest” for everyone’s favorite reads. Human-curated highlights makes knowledge discovery fast and fun.


Never lose your best reads

Save all your highlights in one place. Collect and organize all your key quotes in purposeful ways. Never lose track of the source.


Collaborate instantly

Invite friends, classmates, and colleagues to join reading groups and share favorite highlights in real time, on any topic.


Step 1


Highlight webpages, actual books and magazines, PDF’s, screenshots, labels and more.

Web pages




Easily highlight any page on the web or mobile.

You can highlight images of books, magazines, screenshots, labels – we got you.

Upload your own PDF’s or highlight PDF’s online.

Experience Hivelighting like never before with YouTube integration.

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Step 2


Manage your digital brain

Organize your highlights into Collections on any topic. Invite friends and colleagues to collaborate and add to your Collections in real time.

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Step 3

Share & Collaborate

Share and inspire

Instantly share your Hivelights via email, text, or socials. Curated collections of highlights are the fastest way to onboard, train, learn, or engage your community on any subject.

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Benefits and savings

16 days

of work saved every year per employee using Hivelighter just 5 times / day

250% faster knowledge discovery


saved on every salary that's currently wasted on searching for information.

5-10 min

is all it takes for CEOs and clients to speed-learn hours of research – without anyone having to write a report.


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of users report an increase in productivity since using the platform

Duplicated knowledge tasks
are eliminated.

Unlock powerful
informational mind

Harness the collective intelligence of your team and boost productivity with seamless knowledge sharing. Say goodbye to information silos and hello to collaborative success.

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