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Hivelighter empowers institutions, faculty, and students to organize knowledge around classes and key subjects — to captivate learners, connect the campus, and supercharge academic growth.


Empowered education, fueled by students, not AI.

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Make Knowledge Work

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Knowledge Ecosystem

One proprietary platform that allows everyone to organize, discover and share key reading and insight on curriculum, fostering dynamic learning.

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One Common Currency

Research sources are incredibly diverse (ex: online, hard copy, video, AI.) Now they’re all distilled and grouped on one platform.

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Efficiency Benefits

Hivelighter's bite-sized highlights promote effective research habits and retention, key in both academic and professional realms.

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By Students for Students

An academic accelerant and knowledge recommendation engine that relies on human insight yet delivers the productivity gains of AI.

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Collaborative Learning

Dynamic Collections allow peers, faculty, and study groups to research together in real-time — fostering an accelerated learning environment.

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Elevate Campus Discourse

Boost campus-wide interactions and engagement, showcasing a collective braintrust rooted in high‑quality sources.

Trusted by excellence:

A Smarter Approach to Knowledge Management

Optimize and customize your knowledge resources to meet your goals.

Optimize and customize knowledge resources to meet the goals of students and the institution

For studentsFor students

For Students

Instantly tap into the university's collective wisdom and chart your academic journey, while engaging with peers on a platform that prioritizes intellectual growth.

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Chronicles of the Ages

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Echoes of the Past

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For Faculty

Efficiently organize and track course material, fostering a dynamic knowledge ecosystem for courses that not only guides students but also boosts course appeal.

People networkPeople network

For Admin

Introduce innovative tools that elevate alumni engagement, streamline student-recruiter connections, and amplify the institution's intellectual footprint across various platforms.

Research papersResearch papers

For Research Teams

Collaborate with your peers in real time and effortlessly tag key insights. Never lose track of the original source for accurate citations and ensure valuable highlights are preserved for future research.

Empower Research Skills

Integrate Hivelighter into your curriculum to teach students the modern art of research — a vital life and business-place skill. Hivelighter is the most engaging way to learn, capture, and share insights.

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Hivelighter  helped
students learn to tell a compelling story
and craft an argument through their research. The series of carefully curated quotes from a variety of - now easily verifiable - sources was so compelling, I didn’t even ask them to write the essay.
Highlight anything anywhereall sources distilled to Hivelightsorganize and share with Collectionscollaborative Insightnew ways

Accelerate your knowledge leadership

Highlight anything anywhere

1. Highlight anything, anywhere

As your teams read, research, and collaborate, they highlight the best parts of anything: from online articles to ChatGPT threads, PDFs, YouTube videos, even physical books and magazines.

all sources distilled to Hivelights

2. All sources distilled to “Hivelights”

All sources get distilled and saved as a common currency – The Hivelight. They're easy to digest, easy to share, deliver key human insight in under 10 seconds, and are always one click away from the original source.

organize and share with Collections

3. Organize and share with Collections

You can organize Hivelights into topical Collections — a new way to collaborate, collect, share, post and organize research on key subjects.

collaboration and discovery

4. Collaborative Insight

With Hivelighter, research groups can instantly tap into peers' highlights, fostering collective wisdom and maximizing the power of group intellect.

new ways

5. Revolutionize Academia

Access the school’s brain trust from anywhere, anytime. Stay tuned to the leading edge of your interests. Even Alumni will want to stay connected!

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Education’s New
Competitive Advantage

Legacy of Learning

With Hivelighter, past wisdom informs future scholarship.
Every curated Collection becomes an integral part of the university's enduring knowledge archive, assisting new students in swiftly acclimatizing and building upon the institution's collective intellectual heritage.

New Forms of Learning

We’re inspired by the (sometimes unanticipated) ways educators are using Hivelighter. From using a well-researched, insightful hivelight Collections as a replacement for writing the essay, to quote-based debating challenges, to creating collaborative Collections around conference topics to which speakers and participants can all contribute.

real resultsreal results

Based on learning science, with real results

Hivelighter is the only content generator that harnesses the 3 most effective approaches to accelerated learning and engagement:

Read at 12x the speed of primary sources

50% improved knowledge retention

4X increased engagement

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For staff and students of educational institutions.

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